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SILS Experts – Single Incision Surgery Experts

To offer our patients truly global healthcare, at CODS we are constantly innovating and researching the latest techniques from around the world. One such path breaking procedure we offered our patients before anyone else in Asia is SILS or Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (scarless surgery). It's a minimally invasive procedure that only requires a single incision in the navel and leaves the patient with no visible scars post surgery since the scar gets hidden deep inside the navel.

Benefits of a SILS procedure

Gone are the days of patients dreading the after effects of surgery. Thanks to SILS here are some of the amazing benefits that most patients experience:

  • Minimal pain
  • Extremely short hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery
  • Almost invisible scar

SILS vs. other procedures

What is the level of pain experienced after the surgery has been performed?

SILS: The least painful procedure because it requires just one incision.
Open surgery: The most painful of the three due to large and multiple incisions.
Laparoscopic surgery: Minimal pain is experienced because of multiple smaller incisions performed.

How much scarring can be expected post surgery?

SILS: No visible scarring as the incision gets hidden in the belly button.
Open surgery: Large scars can be expected because of the size of the incisions and the stitches.
Laparoscopic surgery: Small scars will be visible on the torso.

How long is the recovery period post surgery?

SILS: A quick recovery is certain as the patient is not subjected to multiple incisions.
Open surgery: Recovery is delayed as the incisions need to heal and follow up may be required.
Laparoscopic surgery: Relatively fast recovery due to small incisions being made.

How soon can one return to work post surgery?

SILS: Within 3-5 days post the surgery.
Open surgery: In 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the surgery.
Laparoscopic surgery: In about 5 days to a week.

Is it possible to keep the surgery confidential?

SILS: Yes, there will be no visible scarring.
Open surgery: No, there will be large scars that will not fade easily.
Laparoscopic surgery: Partially confidential, the scars are minor and will fade over time.

How costly will the surgery be?

SILS: The surgery will be marginally costly due to the expertise and equipment required to perform it.
Open surgery: The cost incurred will be standard.
Laparoscopic surgery: The cost incurred will be slightly higher than that of open surgery.

What is the recommendation required to opt for surgery?

SILS: The surgery should be performed by an experienced surgeon only.
Open surgery: Must not be performed unless indicated.
Laparoscopic surgery: Can be performed for almost all types of surgeries.

CODS, the SILS experts

SILS expertsIf you had to choose between someone highly experienced and someone who is just learning who would you trust with a life changing surgery? In 2009, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala and his team performed the first Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy in Asia. Since then many patients have gone on to experience the joys of SILS. Being the first in Asia to perform one and having the desired skill and experience levels needed to perform these intricate surgeries has earned CODS the reputation of being 'the SILS experts' in the world. The CODS team is invited the world over to demonstrate single incision procedures.


How is SILS performed?

The surgery is performed through a 2 cm vertical incision in the navel. Specialized ports that are custom made for single incision surgery are used. The surgical steps remain the same as in conventional laparoscopic surgery.

Are there any risk factors surrounding this surgery?

This surgery is technically very demanding and must be performed by surgeons with enough experience in conventional laparoscopic surgeries . It is a very safe procedure in good hands and leads to fabulous results. In a study conducted at our centre, we compared the results between single incision sleeve gastrectomy with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and found that the excess weight loss was similar in both techniques of surgery. The patients of single incision surgery were happier and more satisfied with their (barely visible) scar. They also had much lesser pain in the post-operative period. Complication rates were equally low in both techniques.

What is the Eligibility criterion to undergo this procedure?

If your BMI is up to 60 Kg/m2 you can get this surgery done. If you're young and are worried about the cosmetic effects of surgery then this surgery is perfect for you.

Is anyone ineligible?

Some of the people discouraged from doing this surgery are those who are super super obese, those who have a BMI that is greater than 60 Kg/m2 or those who have excessive scarring on the abdomen because of previous surgeries.

How many patients at CODS have undergone SILS?

So far we have performed the SILS procedure on close to 350 patients, the largest series of its kind in the world.