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"Pinching inch by inch"

What is Pinch the Inch?

Pinch the Inch is a medically supervised result orientated fitness & nutritional programme headed by CODS Fitness Trainer Jason Johal & Senior Nutritionist Carlyne Remedios. We don’t believe fad or crash diets, instead, we aim to preserve / increase lean muscle mass and burn fat through sustainable nutrition & exercise. Not only will you look better, you will feel better.

CODS & Pro Sport Fitness have teamed up to provide clients with a holistic approach on their health and fitness. Clients are trained with state of the art equipment and have access to world class doctors, trainers, nutritionists and physios from around the world.

Dr. Muffi and Cods team with the 2014 miss diva contestants

We are proud & privileged to have world renowned obesity surgeon Dr Muffi as our main medical expert and top Indian Cricketer Zaheer Khan as our advisor. Zaheer is the founder and chairman of Pro Sport Fitness.

Pinch your inches the right way

We are passionate in helping you lose weight the right way through sustainable eating plans and personal training. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and we want to hold yours to reach your goal.

Pinch your inches the safe way

Before we even start anything, we first get you medically cleared by our team of doctors, nutritionists and physios ensure you can safely participate in our programmes. We care about your health so we want to make sure we can help you in the best possible way.

Pinch your inches in an organised way

Like with any mission, there needs to be a plan and one that works for you. That’s why before we start; we get to know you so we can understand your current body and nutritional situation. From there, we personalise your exercise and diet to optimise results. We plan everything, you just need to participate.

So, how can we help pinch your inches?

Once you have been cleared to participate, we will create an exercise and nutrition plan that not only works for you but drives you to your goals.

Depending on which programme works for you, we offer the following services:

  • Personalised & sustainable diet plan
  • Personal training sessions - we like to see you 3x a week
  • Pre programme detox diet
  • Group chat messaging - so you can contact us whenever you like
  • Consultations to discuss progress, nutrition, training & anything else you want
  • Access to world leading medical experts
  • Access to world class physios

Jason & Carlyne

How many inches or how much weight will I lose?

Everyone is built differently so we don't make promises we can't keep. What we can promise is that you will get out exactly what you put in.

  • Train hard, eat well = significant results
  • Train hard, eat bad = NO results

Consistency is the key to results. Don't cheat as you will only be disappointed at the end.

Do you want to Pinch your inches?

Do you have a wedding, holiday or special occasion coming up and want to get in shape? Or do just you want to do something for YOU?

If so, please get in contact by phone or email and together we can Pinch the Inch.

Please visit our fitness partners Pro Sport Fitness.

Customized Workouts for Post Bariatric Surgery Patients

CODS team along with certified trainer HetallMadiwalla bring for you, Customized workouts created specially to help post bariatric surgerypatients tone up building strength and stamina. Combined with nutrition and specially assisted to ensure you stay pain-free, injury-proof and healthy, these workouts have been created specially keeping in mind the needs of a post weight loss surgery patient.

Post Bariatric Surgery Patients and CODS team members working out at Frequencee with Trainer HetallMadiwala.