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Obesity can be treated at any stage

CODS is a leading Obesity Surgery and Obesity Treatment center in India.

We at CODS are committed to providing enduring support to you over this course of this life-changing journey. We understand that obesity is a debilitating disease of the mind, body and spirit and MUST BE ADDRESSED HOLISTICALLY to achieve long-term success.

Obesity is often a misunderstood word. If one has to be cured of obesity one must begin with classifying him/herself. People whose BMI is between 23.5 - 27.5 are classified as overweight, if not tackled in time, overweight people can easily become obese. For these patients, we recommend Nutrition Programs and BIB.

If your BMI is between 27.5 - 32.5 you fit into Grade I Obesity category. It is important to be very careful with your weight; at this stage there is tremendous scope to get back to your ideal weight yet there are equal chances to slip into Grade II Obesity. For these patients, we recommend Gastric Banding  and Sleeve Gastrectomy. 
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Grade II Obesity is often symptomatic; most patients would have had developed co-morbidities at this stage. Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, cardiac problems joint pains are some of the most common co-morbidities for these individuals. It is very important that one immediately takes reversal action at this stage as this condition could lead to morbid obesity or any other fatal illness. If one doesn't show any symptoms of co-morbidities one can certainly reduce their weight with diets and exercise and a great amount of will power. For those with co-morbidities Bariatric surgery is the only and best option. For these patients, we recommend Sleeve Gastrectomy  and Gastric Bypass.  

People with BMI beyond 37.5, fall in the last and the most dangerous category called Grade III or Morbid obesity. At this stage diets and exercise deliver negligible results. Most patients would have had developed more than one co-morbidity at this stage, many are even rendered immobile. Corrective action at this stage is imperative, the only clinically proven way for morbidly obese people to lose and maintain weight is bariatric surgery. For these patients, we recommend Sleeve Gastrectomy  and Gastric Bypass.

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