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People who undergo bariatric surgery are often surprised to find that they have large amounts of sagging skin after weight loss. Bariatric body contouring surgery can tighten loose skin to better fit your newer, slimmer body, allowing you to return to the lifestyle you desire with greater confidence and to maximize the health benefits of your bariatric program. To discuss your body contouring procedure with our visiting plastic surgeon schedule an appointment for any Wednesday of the month.


We understand that during the different stages of your weight loss post bariatric surgery there might a possibility of musculoskeletal problems , balance issues and posture and because At CODS we believe in a holistic approach for our patients we have tied up with Prosport fitness.

Prosport fitness has a team of qualified physiotherapists who can contribute to your overall wellness post bariatric surgery.

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Is body contouring painful?

The procedure does cause a bit of discomfort after being performed but it depends on the type or extent of the procedure. You will be provided with painkillers to keep the pain to a bare minimum.

Will there be any scarring post-surgery?

Although dependant on the procedure and your genetic makeup, you can expect a mild to moderate amount of scarring.

Will I be sedated during the procedure?

Yes, general anaesthesia will be administered to you prior to performing the procedure.

Will I experience any side effects post the procedure?

You will experience a bit of tightness in the area where the procedure is performed and possibly mild swelling. But this subsides a few weeks after the procedure.