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Confidential services at CODSFor patients who are pressed for time, want a high degree of confidentiality regarding their surgery and are seeking certain privileges and luxuries, CODS Platinum offers a bundle of packaged services that ensures that they receive the highest level of service and comforts from pre to post surgery.


Skype call with Dr. LakdawalaCODS Platinum entitles you to the following privileges:

  • Luxury suites booked based on preference of location.
  • Admission to and discharge from hospital process on priority basis and all diagnostic tests conducted in the privacy of the home/hotel suite.
  • Post-surgery supplements delivered to your doorstep.
  • Online and offline consultations with our surgical team arranged as per patient's preference.
  • Post-operative follow-ups for life.

To apply to or enquire about CODS Platinum please click on book an appointment alongside and fill in your details.