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Overseas Highlights

CODS outstationIf you’re flying in from overseas or anywhere else in India to have a procedure performed we’ll help make your stay as comfortable and hassle free as possible. The CODS outstation service frees you from all logistical arrangements like airport pick-ups and hotel reservations to ensure that you can focus on getting the care you need. We also ensure you get priority in consultations with our panel of doctors, including Dr. Lakdawala.


CODS Outstation entitles you to the following privileges:

  • All logistical arrangements including airport pickups and drops will be arranged and handled by a concierge.
  • Arrangements for accommodation will be booked based on your preference of location.
  • Hospital admission will be provided on priority.
  • Supplements and medications will be delivered to your home post-surgery.
  • Online and offline consultation with Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala as per your preference.
  • Post-operative follow-ups for life.
  • Post-operative follow-ups in your region/country through our network of partners*.

* Only applicable for certain procedures.